JAN ALDRIDGE has a "now" word for a generation that is looking for "real" answers. Jan is a unique, straightforward communicator of raw spiritual truths and prophetic insight which has placed her in great demand at conferences and churches worldwide. Her quick wit and distinctive style create a relaxed, open setting that encourages audiences to "be real" as they press forward, obtaining fresh insight to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Miraculously healed of a rare birth defect at the age of seventeen, Jan reaches across barriers of denomination, social class and race. Her transparent approach to ministry allows her to connect with her audience on both a spiritual and personal level. She has a bold passionate approach to ministry with a non-compromising delivery.

Jan makes her home in Richmond, Virginia and is a member of World Outreach Worship Center in Newport News, Virginia. You will be blessed, challenged and changed as you experience the dynamic ministry of this chosen servant of God.